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I don't own Hetalia or anything else mentioned. I do own the name of the lake. I have no idea if it exists or not.

Minnesota: The most hipster state. (Much thanks to feralfairy for telling me that. XD)

Minnesota blinked as she switched her cell phone over to her other ear. "Really? I'm the first? You picked my name out of Tex's hat first?"

She could practically see America give his 'hero' grin. "Yup! Don't you feel honored?"

"Uh well... it's a good thing you called me when you did. I was about to drive over to one of my lake houses and clean it up before it gets too cold. Didn't think I'd be anywhere in the top ten. But I guess I should be staying in Minneapolis, since that's where you'll be coming in, right?"

"Yup! Hey if St. Paul is your capital, then why do most flights fly into Minneapolis?"

"They share an airport, remember?"

"...Oh yeah!"

Minnesota sighed, "Bye, Al."

"Bye Taylor! See you later!"

Minnesota, also known as Taylor Jones to friends, shut her phone and stayed in her car. Even though she was technically under legal driving age, she was allowed a car since she was much older than she looked. Most of the other states were given this special privilege.

She pushed one of her red-blonde braids away from her face and stepped out of the car. It was nice today. Not too warm, not too cold, perfect autumn weather. Going into her house and turning on the lights, she realized she needed to clean up a bit before the countries came. They wouldn't get a good impression of her if her house looked like a pigsty!

So, Minnesota spent the next few hours cleaning and thinking about how she could show off her house to the nations. She didn't have many big tourist attractions, just little off the road oddities. Most people just remembered that there was the Mall of America and that was it. There was more... there was her beautiful nature! She wasn't the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' for nothing!

America had called her at nine in the morning and said he would be there in three or so hours. By twelve she was once again in her car and driving to the airport to pick up America and his group.

Minnesota had mixed feelings about them coming. She didn't really mind them coming, but... America had told the states before that the countries fought as much as the states did. Which was saying a lot.


Minnesota looked at the directory and saw that a plane from Washington D.C. had arrived ten minutes earlier. She hurried off to that gate while calling America.

"HELLO, TAYLOR!" Minnesota winced as America's voice boomed out of the tiny phone.

"Hey, Alfred. I'm at the airport, outside your gate. I can't go in though."

"Ahaha! It's ok! The hero will get everyone to you so they can meet you!"

"Yah... that's nice. I think."

"Yea, so... what? Why the hell is he here??? Sorry Taylor, I'll see you soon."

"Ok?" Minnesota sighed and looked at the person staring at her. "He can get so excited sometimes, don'cha know..."


America marched over to the tall man in a coat standing a bit away from the group he was with. "Ivan! Why are you here?"

Russia smiled. "I am here to see Minnesota, da! Like the rest of you are."

America scowled. "Uh, no, you are not. I didn't invite you, did I commie?"

"Ah, you just forgot to Alfred! Da! You were going to invite me later so I could meet Alaska!"

"No! You're not going to meet Alaska or Minnesota or anyone else! You might spread your communism to them!"

At this point England came into the conversation. "Alfred! How many times do we have to tell you that communism isn't a disease!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, you bloody idiot! Now let's go, we shouldn't keep Minnesota waiting. By the way, what is her human name? You should have told us before we got on the plane!"

America brightened when he remembered why he was there. "You're right! And her name is Taylor Jones. In fact, all my states have the last name Jones! Just like me!"

"Lovely..." England rolled his eyes.

And so the group, that now included Russia, began their trip to the front. Which was hard for them, since they all kept fighting. But, eventually, they made it to where Minnesota was beginning to lose her patience.

When she finally spotted America, she couldn't help but cry out, "Finally!" She had been waiting for ten minutes since Al ended that call. Really, how does it take one group ten minutes to go only a couple yards?

"TAYLOR!" America dropped his bags and hugged his thirty-second adopted sibling. Minnesota couldn't help but smile slightly while she hugged him back. None of the states got to spend much time with America. Even if they didn't like him, he was still their country and brother of sorts.

"Hey, Alfred."

America grinned and stopped hugging her. "Now, where are we going to go first? I hope you have something fun planned for all of us!"

"Yah, I do... well, at least I hope it's fun."

"Ahaha! I bet it will be! Let's go to your car! We can do introductions there. You brought the truck, right?" When she nodded, America went on, "Good! Cause we have an extra... stupid commies..."


With America driving now, and Minnesota in the passenger seat, everyone feared for their lives. Not that America was a bad driver... he just was a fast one. The only ones who didn't seem to mind were Russia, Italy, and Minnesota. In fact, they seemed to enjoy going that fast.

Too bad they were still in the heart of the city.



"Ahaha! This is fun, da?"


"So, Taylor, what are we doing first?" America asked as if he wasn't driving like a madman.

"I was thinking maybe the Mall and then maybe the Water Park or a lake..."

"WHOO! THE MALL!" America did a sharp turn, sending everyone in the truck flying. Even though they were wearing seat belts. America defies physics!


"I'm driving to the mall! It's gonna be so awesome! I haven't been there since they remodeled it!"


"Not just any mall! The Mall of America! One of the biggest in the U.S!" You could practically hear America's grin. He seemed to remember something and slowed down the car. "Oh yeah, Taylor, you need to introduce yourself!"

Minnesota blinked. "What should I do?"

America waved one hand around vaguely. "Just say your name and some other stuff."

She rolled her eyes. "Well that was helpful don'cha know."

Minnesota cleared her throat and turned around in her chair as much as she could. "Well, I'm the state of Minnesota, but I think you already knew that...

"My human name is Taylor Jones and I find being outside fun..." She trailed off unsure of what else she could say.

Everyone in the car jumped when it suddenly turned dark. They didn't notice that they had gone inside the parking garage. "Ah, it looks like we're here." Minnesota tried to keep in her excited smile. She loved to shop.


Walking in some of the nations couldn't help but gasp and look around. The mall was huge. Four floors full of stores and people. There was even an amusement park in the middle! No wonder America wanted to get there so quickly.

Minnesota smiled at the others expressions. "So what do you guys want to do first?"

"Is there pasta?"

"Actually, there..." She didn't get to finish that sentence though since her phone began to ring. When she saw the caller ID she gasped. "Ah! Be right back..." She walked right back out the doors and put the phone to her ear. "I'm so sorry! I forgot that we planned to meet up!"

On the other side of the phone, Canada laughed softly. "It's ok Taylor, lots of people forget about meeting up with me."

"Who are you?" She heard faintly.

"I'm Canada, Kumakichi!"


"Sorry about that Taylor. I don't know why Kuma always forgets my name..."

Minnesota didn't want to point out that it may have something to do with him always forgetting Kumajirou's name. "It's ok. So are you where we decided to meet up? It was the Mall right?"

"Yes, I'm waiting by the aquarium. But it's ok if you don't come. I can wait another day."

"Oh no! You don't have to wait! I'm already at the Mall... in fact I'm with-"

"America," they said at the same time. "Huh?"

"You're here with Alfred?"

"You see Alfred?"

"Yes." They both said in unison again before laughing.

"I'll go catch up to them and explain to you, ok?"

"Fine. Bye Taylor."


Running back in, Taylor look around for her group. She found Russia easily, he stood out against the crowd being much taller and being dressed in a coat and scarf despite it being nice outside. Rushing over to the group, she did indeed see America harassing Canada. Canada caught sight of her first.


"Oh hey Taylor! You're back! Guess who the hero found?"

"Oh I don't know..." She rolled her eyes. "Matthew?"

England seemed to blink in surprise. "Oh, so that's who that fool is talking to!"


"Ahaha! Hey bro, guess what we're doing? Betcha can't guess? We're letting everyone meet my states!" America grinned, not even letting Canada get a word in edgewise. "It's gonna be so cool, bro! We started out with Tay-Tay-"

"Don't call me that!"

"Fine, fine... with Taylor and we don't know who we're goin' to next! It's gonna be soooo fun! You wanna join?"

Canada stared at America in confusion. They... what? What America said made no sense... no one about the states, right? He looked over at Minnesota to deny or confirm what America said and she nodded. Okay then. Maybe his brother was telling the truth for once.

"I'd like to join I guess... I hope I won't be a bother to anyone..."

He was ignored though, as per usual. America had decided now was the time to go check out the mall.

"Now where to go first. The stores or the park? Or the aquarium?"

"I vote shopping," was Minnesota's immediate response. She leaned over to Canada and whispered, "Sorry for getting you into this. You can leave whenever you want... probably."

Canada smiled, "No, no, it's ok. It'll be nice to get to know you all."

She sighed. "Just know that things will get crazy. I'm not like Louisiana with future telling voodoo but, I can tell this trip is going to turn weird, quick."

Canada didn't say anything but "eugh", as he was pulled along by America.

"We're going shopping first! Let's go!"

Minnesota couldn't help but squeal in glee. By loving shopping, I mean she loves shopping. Everyone looked at her. So far the blonde had been quiet. Now she was running to catch up with America, telling him about the newest styles. The left behind countries looked at each other and decided to catch up to the North Americans.

They spent the next few hours wandering the mall. Italy dragged Germany to the Italian restaurant; America dragged England into the American Girl store. (To embarrass him of course! The Hero doesn't like American Girl, no way! He doesn't have a Felicity doll!) France flirted with every woman he saw (and a few men); Minnesota bought everyone Vikings shirts and warned them not to go near the Packers store. She almost slapped France for suggesting they go into the store. (Who cares for free cheese samples?)

Now, they only things left to do were the amusement park and the aquarium. Where to go…, America thought, before laughing out loud. The amusement park! Duh!

"Come on, guys! We need to get tickets!" The others followed at a much slower pace. They had been walking for several hours straight, their legs were tired. That didn't seem to apply to America though. He still had that boundless energy he always had.

Minnesota frowned. By the pace they were going, they'd be able to go on a few rides before the mall closed. She wasn't going to bring them again tomorrow, which meant that they wouldn't be able to visit the aquarium. She sighed inwardly, the aquarium was beautiful. It was a shame they wouldn't get to go to it.

"America doesn't seem to be tired, da?"

The Minnesotan looked at the tall Russian. "Um, yah?" She was a little freaked out, Russia seemed to be getting a creepy purple aura.

"So, Minnesota… would you like to become on- oof!"

Russia was cut off by America punching him in the stomach. "Don't even finish that sentence commie. What did I say about spreading your communism?"

The aura around Russia darkened, and Minnesota could've sworn she heard some weird chanting.

Germany sighed. Really? They were going to fight in the middle of a mall? He needed to intervene.

"All right, all right, stop you two… You're attracting a crowd." Russia and America paused their stare down and looked around. Indeed, there was a crowd gathering around them.

America glared at him, "This isn't over, you. Once this trip is over, we'll settle this."

Russia smiled in a childishly evil way. "Of course, Comrade America. We should wait~ It gives me more time to figure out how I should pummel your face into the ground."

America scowled at the Russian, but didn't say anything back. He didn't want to ruin Minnesota's day. Suddenly, the frown turned upside down, and America was grinning again. "Now that we know that the commie's going to get a beat down later, we should get our tickets now!"

They got their tickets, and split up. America, Minnesota, and Russia went to go on the rollercoaster's. Germany face palmed when Italy ve'd and said he wanted to go on one of the kiddy rides. Almost an hour into it, America noticed that England was sitting on one of the benches on the side reading something, definitely not going on any rides. Poor Iggy! He's such a stick in the mud he doesn't know how to have fun and is having trouble trying to pick a ride!

America, being the hero he is, bounded over, determined to help his friend have fun. "Hey Arty! The hero is here to help you have fun!"

England glared at the American. "I am having much fun reading this book, you git!"

America was shocked. People had fun reading books? No way! He must be lying, too shy to tell America that he was bored to death!

"It's ok Arty! I know you're bored to death! Now let's have fun!" He grabbed England's hand and dragged him over to the middle of the amusement park. "What ride would you like to go on first…"

By the time the nations (re: America) got done going on all the rides several times, it was almost nine o'clock, and the mall was getting ready to close.

Most were worn out. They had the first half of the day walking and shopping, and a few of the countries were carrying bags. The second part of the day, they had been going on the rides in the Nickelodeon Universe.

Minnesota gave a weak grin, she actually had had fun. "Hey, since I know America didn't book you a hotel-"


"Well, did you?"


"See? Anyways, I booked one for you. I hope you don't mind" She fumbled with her bag and brought out eight room keys. She gave one to each nation present. "One for each of you…"

England stared in confusion at the last card. "Who's that one for?"

"Matthew. Ya know, Canada?"

"Oh, quite sorry for forgetting you."

"It's ok…" Canada sighed.


After one hectic night (with the nations, how could it not be hectic?), the nations were up and ready for another day with Minnesota. Some were mad though. Why did they have to wake up so early? After walking all day they should have slept in, not wake up at six in the morning.

Minnesota, who had been at the counter, checking the nations out of the hotel, finally came outside. She smiled at them, "Heya."

She got grumbles in response.

Minnesota rolled her eyes. "The reason why I woke you up so early is we have to get to the place I'm taking you to early. And it takes around two to three hours to get there. You can sleep in the car."

With more grumbling, everyone piled into her car. Almost immediately, Italy and America fell asleep. For the next two and a half hours, the nations slept, argued, and ate. Nothing major happened; too early for stuff like that.

England was amazed by the nature he saw as they drove north. Most roads were guarded by tall trees, swaying in the light breeze. There was green everywhere you looked; you couldn't get away from it. It was beautiful and it made England smile. It was nice to know that there were still spots of green in America, that not every part was a city.

By the time they got there, everyone except Italy was awake. Minnesota smiled and motioned for the others to follow her down a trail. Everyone gaped when the path ended at a beach on a lake. The lake shimmered in the early sunlight, and already, you could see boats scattered over the water. The closest boat had a man and his two kids fishing. As the nations watched, the girl began reeling in the line that a fish had bit. They could hear her laugh as she held the fish she just caught.

Minnesota smiled. "Welcome to Lake Burrow, feel free to do anything you want. The rental shack is over there. Try to meet back here at, say, six." With that, she walked off and over to a dock to get on a small boat. They nations looked at each other before going back up the trail to change into swim suits.

Italy couldn't wait! He was going to be able to swim with Germany and flirt with pretty girls in bathing suits! Ve, Minnesota was so nice!


A lazy day at the beach was a good idea, Minnesota thought while fishing on her boat. She would get to relax, and then when the nations left, she'd be able to clean her cabin on the lake. A nice plan in her mind. She had also decided that the nations would only stay for two days. America may not do his work, but Minnesota did (most of the time). They would be picking another state this evening, booking a flight to that state, and leaving sometime the next day. Honestly, Minnesota couldn't wait for them to leave. Russia was creeping her out. Leaning back a bit, she reeled in her line some and sighed in content.

It really is a nice day.


The nations had fun at the lake. Italy swam and made gravity defying sculptures of pasta. England finished his book and America forced Japan to go jet skiing with him. They then got into some competition with Russia, who had taken his scarf off for once; he didn't want his sisters present to get wet. Poor Japan, he had just wanted to read with England.

By the time it was six, the countries were tired once again, and couldn't wait to go to sleep. They still had to pick the next state though; they couldn't sleep yet.

Minnesota ran up to them, panting, with a wet America in tow. "Sorry, I had to dock my boat and he wasn't listening to me and fell in. I'll show you to my cabin now."

She ignored the others laughing at America, and began going up the trail to her cabin. It was like all the others, nothing different. It was a simple wood cabin that had two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. She winced inwardly, that was going to be a pain in the morning. Good thing she was the only girl, if there had been more, it would've been real bad. After a short hike, they reached the cabin and Minnesota let everyone in.

Everyone filed into the small cabin, America being last. He had to stop by the truck and get Texas's hat to pick the next state.

The inside had a very homey feel; it was decorated in warm colors and there were a few furs scattered about. When America came in, everyone was lounging on the couches or floor. He grinned, "All right! It's time to pick the next state!"

"Ve~ Will that state have pasta?"

"It most likely will Feliciano, most places have Italian food."

"Yay~ Pastaaaa! Can we have pasta for dinner Taylor?"

"Um, sure?"

"Yay! I'll start it!" The Italian was suddenly re-energized and ran into Minnesota's small kitchen.

"Well, now that that pointless conversation is over let's pick!" America shook the hat and put his hand in it. Drawing it out, he unfolded the piece of paper and looked at his writing. His grin faded a bit as he stared at the name.

Minnesota got up to see what was making her 'brother' act like this. She took the paper from his hand and laughed. "It's a good thing you're getting him done now and not later. I'll go book a flight for you guys now." She put the paper on the table and smirked at America and Russia before walking out of the room.

Germany grabbed the paper and read the name on it:


I maybe should have said this in the beginning but... I'm doing everything from the Mall of America by memory. Also, I won't be doing accents... I'm not very good at them and if I did it would probably turn out horrible. This would've been updated sooner but I got re-obsessed with Percy Jackson... oh and I had a 5-page report due but who cares about stuff like that... This only got updated today due to me sitting down and going "I am going to finish this today!"

Also, slightly important. If you have been to or live/lived in the state I am going to do, please tell me what you know about it. Like seriously, please. I haven't been to most of the states, and the ones I have been to, I was very young when I visited. It would be awesome if you guys could leave a review or a pm or whatever to help me. Thanks. ^^

Next stop: Alaska (The land beyond the gods... gah, stop self this isn't Percy Jackson....)
Summary: America has states. Countries meet states. America has a crazy idea. Countries go on a road trip for the crazy idea.

Chapter 2~ I actually might rewrite this chap (or make an extra) I got a lot of MN facts literally an hour after I had posted it on After I finish the series of course though....

Chap3 is in the works~ Taking a while though...

Prev chap(1): [link]
Next chap(Alaska): [link]
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